Bridging Loans

If you are expecting proceeds from the sale of your existing property, we can provide bridging loans to help you make the necessary down payment first. That way, you will not miss the chance to own your dream home.

Bridging loans will help you in situation where you need to fork out a sudden huge amount of money while waiting for your funds to be available soon. In such scenario you will need to gain access to this emergency fund from banks or licensed moneylenders to help complete your transaction. Always consider and shop around for the best interest rates offer as you would not want to incur a high interest rate for such emergency borrowing.

And you will be surprise you may not be eligible for getting bridging loans from the banks due to other loans commitment you already servicing such as car loan and housing loan. Therefore, licensed moneylenders like Empire Global SG will your option to consider.

If you are planning to sell your current flat, please visit the HDB website and find out how to get a valuation on your property. For an estimate on current market prices, you can get a good estimate from recent HDB resale transactions.

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