Covid 19 Managing your Business in Singapore During Crisis

Covid-19: Managing Your Business in Singapore during Crisis

Covid-19 has caused economies to shut down and devastated businesses across the globe and Singapore is no exception.

Similarly, to curb the spread of corona virus, Singapore entered into its own version of lock down — circuit breaker — for a total period of 1 month, 3 weeks and 4 days lasting from 7 April 2020 to 1 June 2020.

Businesses heaved a sigh of relief when Singapore decided to end the circuit breaker on 1 June and laid out a 3-phase plan to re-open the economy.

Covid-19 Phases in Singapore

Phase 1 – Safe reopening – only businesses and activities that don’t pose a high risk of transmission

Phase 2 – Safe transition – almost entire economy will reopen but there will still be restriction on activities with involve large number of people

Phase 3 – Safe Nation – social, cultural, religious and business gatherings or events can resume but number of people will be capped. Will likely remain in this phase till a vaccine is found.

This is done with the understanding that the number of cases will likely rise again as activities start resuming, so this phased approach will be able to help them identify and contain new cases a lot quicker to prevent new clusters from forming.

Covid-19: Entering Phase 2 of Circuit Breaker

After 18 days in Phase 1, Singapore officially shifted to Phase 2 on 19 June.

In this phase, while businesses that allow for telecommuting should continue to do so, more brick and mortar businesses such as retail, F&B (dine-in), personal health and wellness, home-based services, and enrichment classes will be allowed to re-open.

But this is not business as usual — as a business owner, there is a lot you have to take note of the safe management measures as you move towards reopening.

Safe Management #1: Appointing Safe Management Officers to assist in implementation of Safe Management Measures

This person will help to conduct inspections and checks on your premise to prevent any lapse.

Safe Management #2: Employee who can work from home should continue to do so

If your employees don’t need to access systems and equipment that can’t be accessed from home, then they shouldn’t be going to the office.

Safe Management #3: Reduce physical interaction and ensure safe distancing

As much as possible, you should allow your employees to work in split teams, stagger working hours and avoid congregation and socialising amongst colleagues.

Safe Management #4: Support contact tracing

It’s compulsory to use safe entry to record entry of all customers and employees. You can visit to get all the instructions on how to set this up for your business.

Setting this up is not enough, you will also need to have a staff monitoring this to ensure that everyone has a SafeEntry Pass before entering.

Safe Management #5: Wear mask and observe good hygiene

This applies not only to your employees but your customers too.

Safe Management #6: Keep workplace clean

You should frequently clean and disinfect common spaces and equipment. This is especially true for F&B dine-in businesses.

Safe Management #7: Implement health check and protocol to manage potential COVID-19 cases

You should check your employees twice a day for fever or any respiratory illness. Customers should be checked too before they enter your business premise.

Don’t be complacent in this COVID-19 period.

While coronavirus cases have maintained at a low level in Singapore, business owners should not be too complacent, and should continue to adhere to the best practices laid out by our government.

Besides those recommended by the government, some other good practices that can be considered includes:

Asking customers to fix appointments before going down to your store or office. Handle transactions digitally and deliver products to your customers instead of asking them to collect it from your store. If you are getting a loan or wish to inquire loans from us at Empire Global, do use our online quotation or make an appointment with our loan officers.

Together, we can ensure Singapore business’s survival during this Covid-19 pandemic.